::Artistic Vision Rules and Prizes::
There are 3 challenges for you to pick from. Voting for each challenge will be seperate. Challenge #1 is now voting. #2 and #3 don't have an and date yet. The winners of #1 qualify for the final round. Once #2 ends, voting will begin and the winners from that one also qualify for the final round. The same with #3. When all three have ended, I will take all the winning entries and that will be the final round. Whoever wins the final round wins the grand prize. You don't have to participate in all 3 in order to qualify for the final round, but participating in all 3 increases your chances of winning.

Fairly, simple, no? Just make a doll for each of the 3 Challenges, or one, or two, however you preffer and send it in. The top 4 winners of each of the Challenges will be the entries showed in the final round (12 entries) you can have more than one entry if you participated in more than one challenge. General contest rules apply, as well as the specific guidelines for each of the Challenges.


If you are the Grand prize winner, but don't want that prize, you can pick any of the other prizes. Additionally, I can provide other prizes in the following form: GaiaOnline donation in your name, to those that are members of GaiaOnline; gift: book/movie, etc... from Amazon.com or any other online site, as long as it is reasonable. If the top winner does not want the grand prize and chooses instead another prize, the grand prize will be offered to the second place winner, and so forth.

Click on the link below for information on each of the Challenges.

Challenge #1, #2, #3

Challenge #1 ends March 31, 2005. Voting will last one week then winners for first round will be announced.

For general contest rules, refer to the main contest page. Also, I need help coming up with Challenge ideas, so if you have an idea, feel free to submit it. Credit will go to you, of course.

Disclaimer: I am a busy college student (final year), on top of that, my twin sister is getting married this year, so I reserve the right to change the dates/rules at any moment, without notice. If you have any concerns please email me and I'll try to get in touch with you as soon as possible.