::about the site/artist::

Purpose: As a place to showcase the dolls I have made, and a place where people can adopt quality fantasy based dolls.
In existance since: December 2002
Layout and Design: Done in Illustrator, GoLive & Photoshop CS, including artwork of Cy, which was also done in Illustrator CS. Credit for brushes is here. Font used in layout is Attract More Women, donwloaded from FontFreak.com.
Browser: Mac: Safari (make sure you have the latests updates installed). Don't use Internet Explorer on a Mac computer, they don't work properly together. Windows: Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc... they should all work.

The Artist:
Name: Yelitza Alias: tiranaki, Tirana Ki, yeli, kelume
Age: 20 Birthdate: Apr. 23
Location: Puerto Rico
Short Bio: Me, well, I'm a twin, check out her art. She's studying Fine Arts, so she's better than me at that stuff. ^_^ Anyways, I'm in my last year of University, mayoring in Graphic Arts (not design, it's not the same thing, this includes design, as well as printmaking, and other things) and dolling is one of my hobbies. I consider myself an artist, because that's what I do for a living. I'll post a link to my art sites at the end of this blurb. For dolls I use Photoshop CS, and a Wacom Graphire Tablet, I don't really pixel-shade, because I like to use the airbrush a lot and create a "painted" look. Anything else you want to know about me or my art/dolls, feel free to ask.
Where you can find me: GaiaOnline as tiranaki. Deviantart, Elfwood and the various forums listed in the links page, although I haven't been to any of them in a long time.

Random stuff about me: I really like Asian cultures, especially Chinese. I'm currently trying to learn Mandarin and plan on going to China in a few years. My favorite music is rock... out of that, skate punk, followed by ska and reggae. I also like instrumental and "world" music. My friends play in local bands, so I enjoy going to their shows, helping them out and just having a good time. I really like it when people draw/doll my characters, I love fan art! (hint hint). I have many characters that are part of the Dreamscape series, and some that aren't, if you ever want to know more, let me know. Hmm, what else? Oh, my first language is Spanish, and here and here are pics of me.