Creating a Full Doll in Ms Paint
Here i'll assume that you understand each and every function of Ms Paint. I do not show you the palletes used here but you can Click Here for palettes. In this tutorial, Josie's Devika base is used. Enjoy, feedback is most welcomed.

Click Here To get the base.

First of all we are going to draw the outline of the dress. Starting with the top first. Remember that dresses usually have tight tops. so here i have a drawn a dress following the outline of the base. Just draw the top up above the legs. Stop the outline somewhere at the waist. Best Done at maximum zoom

Now for the outline of the skirt. Just draw four flare lines like that. Best done at 2 times zoom. don't worry about the mess. To get a better flare just practice over and over until you think its perfect. ctrl+z would re-do things (only 3 times)

Now we are going to draw the folds to the skirt. just draw a tilted "s" shape while for the middle part just draw a very err... curly "U" :P This would represent the folds to the skirt. best done at 6 times zoom.

Now we are going to draw the underside...from the curly side of the dress (fold) and just draw it inward. best done at maximum zoom.

Now its time you clear all the mess. All lines must be single pixel, they look nicer that way.

Now fill in the dress with a colour that is slightly lighter than the outline. Just fill it in including the underside of the dress :D

Now we are going to shade the top. Do it over and making sure the colour gets lighter. In the last frame you'll see that the lightest colour is not shaded everywhere, it is shaded on the chest and the tummy only.

Now we are shading the skirt. This would get a little tricky. You'll see that you should not touch the side of the outline in the middle. than shade another lighter colour. The lightes colour should be exactly be in the middle as one line down. (check the circled reds to see what i mean. i am not good a describing :p)

Your doll would look like this now...a little too plain, so we are adding details.

Here you can see how the details are placed at and coloured. i used gold. always have the lighter colour on the top of the fold. (you can use the skirt shading as a guide to know which details should be light or dark.)

This is the making of the special HAIR technique :P
1) Draw the hair outline and then fill it with a slightly lighter colour than the outline.
2) take another lighter colour and shade it in.
3) this the tricky part, you are going to shade over the outline so that it'll give the real hair effect. ONLY SHADE OVER THE DArkest COLOUR but Not All of it
4) then continues shading in...with another lighter colour
5) Take the lightest colour and just draw squiggly lines. This'll give the SHINY effect :D That's it.

Now You'll Have This Awesome Doll:

This Tutorial, Is Copyright 2003 Shaffyness. No part whatsoever, to be reproduced, copy or quote without a written permission from Shaffy.