Making A Blinkie
To Make A Blinkie You'll Need These:
~ An image-making program (eg. Paint Shop Pro, Ms Paint)
~ !! Animation Shop
~ A little Knowledge on using the programs above
~ Lots of creativity :)

Start Off:
~ Ok Now you should open the image-program you so wish to use. I use MS paint believe it or not. All the images here are made using MS paint and alot of improvision :P
~ Ok so open your MS paint already?
~ Let's not test your intelligence. Let's assume you know how to use it. :P (no pun intended)
~ Use The Empty Blinkies Block Given Below. They ARe Not LinkWare. You can have it ;) Please right-click on it then copy then paste on your image program.
~ Now Type Whatever You want to say. Let Say You Want To See "I Can Achieve"
~ Make sure that the alphabets and the boxes don't touch each it is easier to animate it later :) Preferably The Smallest Size And in The Clearest Font.
~ Now highlight the whole Blinkie and copy + paste it to animation shop (i assume you'll use that. I am using Gif Movie Gear:)

Animating The Blinkie
~ Now your blinkie is at the animation shop right? (no? *thwacks you* copy & paste it to animation shop from MS paint)
~ Now. Let's start off by staring at the un-animated image you have made. Stare at it hard. What's wrong with it?
~ You can have A Choice Of Animating The Borders or The letter. I suggest borders cause = its easier. :D
~ To animate it you have to change the colour for every slide. How to make another slide? Use the paste as next animation ( or sumthing like that)
~ Now play the'll see the blinkie changing colours (that is if you make sure that each slide has different colours) (same goes if you are animating the words.)
~ Save IT! Save IT! Now that's all done :)

Blinkie Blocks You Can Use
They Can Also Be Found On Free Stuff Page - You are always Welcome To Change the colours of the borders. No Fuss :D

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